VoIP for Business

Keep you existing PBX system, reduce your monthly phone costs, dynamic line allocation to accommodate bursts of traffic

Hosted PBX

No need to buy, lease, or pay maintenance fees on a complex PBX system at your office; your hosted PBX solution is delivered right over your Internet connection.

Call Center Software

Dataphone provides advanced contact center systemis enterprise ready at no additional cost to you that’s easy to use and deploy.


Our advanced PBX technology provides you access to numerous customization options to improve your business with better and easier communication.

Grows With You

Never pay more for new features or increased business scope. Enjoy new features as soon as they are need it at no extra cost, and smoothly scale up as your business grows.

Online Faxing

No fax machine required, received fax to your email. Fax from anywhere using your computer, tablet, or smartphone

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

At the on-boarding stage An onsite visit which includes interviews of the appropriate employees to gain perspective of current Communication process  or lack thereof.  Your company’s unique needs and requirements will be matched with the appropriate PBX configuration and customization necessary.

Our call, anytime, anywhere!

From evaluating your current setup to choosing the right equipment, we’ll ensure you have the best HD call quality and feature functionality every time, and not just on the first test call. And with the 24/7 proprietary monitoring software, we will identify the issues and correct them before it arises , you’ll always have quality calls and uptime .


Our call, anytime, anywhere!

It's out 24/7 ,motioning software and support staff


DataPhone offers an option for every environment

Hosted PBX

A Business-Grade Hosted PBX Solution integrating advanced  enterprise calling features with the flexibility to stay connected anywhere in the world. Simply plug the phones into any Internet connection and your calls will follow you. provides you with the scalability and reliability you need.

vPrivate PBX cloud

If you’re outgrowing your Hosted PBX  or simply want more control, a managed Virtual Private PBX is the next logical choice for your PBX needs. It gives you more freedom adding as many extensions as need it, add custom unique Software – all without the responsibility of a dedicated server, IT support Team.

Digital T1/SIP trunking

SIP Trunks reduce your monthly phone without having to replace or upgrade your existing phone system. Our SIP Trunks include a dynamic trunk allocation feature, temporarily allowing for more trunk channels to accommodate bursts of traffic, increasing call completion rates and never giving your callers a busy signal.

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